Living with a mental illness can be difficult, especially in a society where it is often (wrongly) stigmatized. However, we also know that the majority of adults struggle with their mental health at some point in their lives (and there is absolutely no shame in that). 

Fuck the Stigma is a non-profit that was founded by people working in the mental health world who noticed a pattern in their work: many young people who were seeking help expressed that they initially didn’t even know where to start (and often felt alone while searching for answers) and that many people they knew were still struggling, but were afraid or ashamed of seeking help. 

To address this, Fuck the Stigma was formed to stand up against the stigma around mental health by building a safe community for people who understand they are not their diagnosis nor are they alone. Regardless of what mental health struggles you may face, we know how tough it can be to live in a world where some people just don’t get it.

The Crew


Our purpose is to connect… we connect young people to (legit) resources and to a community of like-minded young people who have no shame in sharing. We’re not here to provide technical science or bore you with the specifics. We’re here to let you know that, regardless of your mental health struggles, there is no shame in getting help or sharing your story (and there are hundreds of thousands of others in the same boat). Whether you are looking for resources or you find comfort in knowing you aren’t the only one dealing with depression or other mental health struggles, this community is yours.


We are also here to help those who need help in accessing mental health services such as treatment programs or therapy.

  • Community

    Join our community of people that get it. You can help end the stigma (that we all agree absolutely sucks) by just showing up, as you are.

  • Scholarships

    By purchasing merch or donating through our site you can help fund treatment for someone who doesn’t have the means to pay for it themselves.

  • Merch

    Who doesn’t love some great swag (supporting an even greater cause)? Join our tribe and check out our gear. Sales from our merch help fund treatment options for those without access.

  • Access

    Our scholarship fund and easy-to-navigate webpage helps young people access the resources they need to improve their mental health.

  • Resources

    With so many resources out there, sometimes it’s hard to find the ones that are actually helpful. We take out the guesswork and provide tools and resources that are useful.

  • Social Media

    We use social media for good by connecting with others in our community to share stories, images, and (good) advice.


Every person’s story around their mental health is different yet our message is always the same: your mental health matters and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Sharing your story means helping someone else who may be afraid to share theirs (while also helping yourself, a win-win). #fuckthestigma